Entropy Technologies’s Managed Workstation Services (MDS) enables your business to reduce costs and increase return on investments by providing the right people, processes and technology.

Managed Workstation Support 8x5
$50/Device per Month
Managed Anti-Virus
On-site Emergency Support
Patch Management
Unlimited 8x5 Remote Support
Unlimited 8x5 Phone Support
Managed Workstation Support 24x7
$75/Device per Month
Managed Anti-Virus
On-site Emergency Support
Patch Management
Unlimited 24x7 Remote Support
Unlimited 24x7 Phone Support

What we include in all plans

Antivirus Monitoring & Management Weekly System Updates Weekly Application Updates
Service Monitoring Process Monitoring Hardware Monitoring
Hard Disk Monitoring Internet Outage Monitoring PC Performance Monitoring
Serial Number Management Workstation Backups Emergency On-Site Support
Unlimited Phone Support Unlimited Remote Support Personalized IT Planning

Managing and maintaining an office filled with technical equipment, from computers and phones to printers and Internet routers, can be a daunting task for any small business. If you don’t have an in-house staff, the anxiety of what will happen with something finally goes wrong only gets bigger. Because, sure enough, something will happen to your office equipment. When you work with Entropy Technologies, we’ll manage and maintain your office’s technical equipment, giving you a single point of contact to handle all the support needed. The same guys who set up your network infrastructure are the same ones who will make sure it keeps working. And they’ll be the ones you call when you need help.

Utilizing Entropy Technologies’s Managed Workstation Services will get your end-users productive on new desktops by providing cost-effective infrastructure support for your business. We understand that the challenge you face extends well beyond the physical deployment of equipment. Our team of technical specialists utilizes imaging tools, customized scripting and proven management strategies to help successfully navigate your desktop transitions.

Before deployment, we thoroughly review the environment that will be impacted to ensure seamless implementation. Our team collaborates with you to understand your business needs, preventing unforeseen challenges and validating resolutions. We understand your funding cycles and budget parameters to refine the procurement process that yields the right inventory at the best time.

Increase your IT proficiency with advanced hardware tools, image management and customized IT training. In today’s environment of rapidly changing technologies, we offer scalable solutions to manage the growing number of client devices so requirements are met immediately, allowing you to focus on your business.

Along with managing your hardware and software we can also provide vendor management services, keeping your staff off the hold queues with the likes of Big Internet Company. When you have an issue with a third-party vendor or Internet company, we will work with you and them simultaneously to get the problem solved as quickly as possible. We are a helpdesk so we “speak helpdesk” and can usually get an issue escalated faster than the Average Joe. Think of that next time you’re on hold with your Internet provider.